Usability improvements

I’m getting a lot of feedback and I added some features that were requested. Enjoy!

  • Only act on video playback (not music)
  • Only use a light if it’s turned on when playback starts
  • Set a custom “dimmed” brightness
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    7 thoughts on “Usability improvements

    1. Kai

      Hi, I’m not very talented in scripting, but is there a way to combine both modes together?
      I have 6 bulbs in my living room, and configured them in 2 groups, one group with all bulbs from this room an one group of 2 bulbs for ambilight. My idea was to switch of all lights when movie starts and reactivate the 2 ambilights. Is this possible?

      1. meethue Post author

        Kai, I just published version 0.4.0 of the add-on where this should work.


        Also see the FAQ on github that explains how you should get it up and running (enable ambilight for the group with the 2 bulbs, toggle “Ambilight: dim all lights when playback starts” and set “Ambilight: group ID when dimming lights” to the group with the 6 lights. It doesn’t matter if the bulbs overlap in the groups, if amilight is enable for a group those will be reactivated.


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