Name change

Quick update: the name of the add-on changed.

  • The old “stripped” version is now known as: script.xbmc.hue
    Available at:
  • The old “full” version is now known as: script.xbmc.hue.ambilight
    Available at:
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    17 thoughts on “Name change

    1. Nitehawk

      One Question. I would like to use only 2 lamps for ambilight (left and right of the TV).
      How can I do this?

      1. meethue Post author

        It is not built-in

        A work-around is to create a new group for those two lights in the official Hue app. Then if you go into the add-on code, in resources/lib/, search for all occurrences of “http://%s/api/%s/groups/0/action” and change the “0” to the id of your group, probably “1”.

        Let me know if it works.

        1. Nitehawk

          Thank you, it works.

          Could note find how to make groups with the app so I used the clip api debugger.
          Had to reset the bridge (2 times) to get the group working. Changed and after a restart of xbmc it worked. The effect is nice.

    2. bang gun

      I love this script, I use on a daily basis but as I am advanced user of XBMC I also use it for playing back music. Is it possible to change this script so it doesn’t change my light settings when playing music? Additionaly it would be great if the script could detect whether my lights were already turned off, it now tends to turn on the lights even if they were already turned off when finishing playback. Other then that I would just like to say thanks for the great work!

      1. meethue Post author

        You’re in luck, I just added this for you! See the latest version on github 🙂

        (small note: the detection if a light is turned on only works reliable if you use a single light. if you configure it to use all bulbs it will check if light number 2 is turned on)

    3. Shane

      Hi, fantastic work. Excellent addon. Would it be possible to differentiate between different types of media I.e. movies and tv?

      1. meethue Post author


        Sorry, but I don’t get your question…. Differentiate in what way? That the add-on has different settings?

        You might be interested in an update I pushed to github just now. In the new version the add-on checks if it’s playing video or “other stuff (music)”, and won’t do anything if you listen to your music.

        1. casmo

          Thats excellent! my suggestion was pushing this idea a little further i suppose, so that lights would dim on movies only and not tv. Dunno if thats even technically feasible. If it was, how about if it picked a custom scene based on movie genre? e.g. white/blue for drama, red for horror etc? Apologies if this is just pie in the sky stuff, but maybe some food for thought!?!?

    4. huenoob

      I’m not really a programmer or coder so I’m not really sure how to get the script running for even theatre mode as I’m not sure what username to put in. This may be presumptuous of me to ask in these early stages but is there anyway there could be a step-by-step guide to get this to work?

      I understand it may take some work but I would really appreciate it.

      1. meethue Post author

        In the settings panel (System -> Settings -> Add-ons -> Enabled add-ons -> Services -> XBMC Philips Hue) hit “Start bridge discovery” and follow the on-screen instructions. You should only have to press the button on the bridge to authenticate and the IP and User should be entered automatically.

        I updated the README on Github.

        Let me know if it work 🙂

        1. huenoob

          Thanks for the response. I downloaded your newest version, played around with disabling and enabling it and it eventually connected, although gave me a script failure message once in a while.

          Not sure if this is known but when I put it to all lights it dims a bit before turning all the way off. I have 8 of these lights currently going throughout my home.

          Anyway this is perfect for my home theatre and once I get some extra scratch I’ll be sure to donate and encourage updates.

          If there’s an easier way to install ambilight I’d love to get that going too.

          Thanks for the help.

        2. meethue Post author

          Great that you got it working! I don’t know about the error messages, if you see one let me know. The crash report should be logged to (on Mac OSX) /home/Users/Library/Logs/xbmc.log. If you open that file after a crash in a text editor, look for “hue” and you should see the error details.

          > Not sure if this is known but when I put it to all lights it dims a bit before turning all the way off.

          Yup, that’s intentional. I want to smoothly dim them till they are turned off, but that doesn’t work when using groups, so I dim them first and then switch them off.

          I’ll look into writing good installation instructions for the ambilight mode! Enjoy 🙂

        3. huenoob

          Is there any part of the script I can disable so it will just stay nice and dim?
          Also do you know of any app out there that groups lights for me without having to dig around in the api?

          Thanks again. This is just great work.

    5. bang gun

      Thanks it now works absolutely fantastic in my setup. Since all my lights are always on simultaneously the detect feature whether my lights are on or off works a treat. Thanks a million!


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